Our lovely daughter has always been arty. From a really young age she was observing and drawing things with an accuracy that seemed at odds with her young age. She was drawing what she saw rather than what she knew.


As she got older her teachers complained that she was doodling far too much on her school books and it seems on her arms and hands too! When she did her GCSEs she passed all of them - her only A* was in art.

She's now doing art and design at college and in June we were obliged to help her secure 2 weeks worth of relevant work experience. That proved very tricky as, although I had several contacts in that field after many years working as a graphic artist designer, most artists are self-employed and have sporadic work and therefore are reluctant to commit in advance to a 2 week slot.


So her tutor suggested that, as I run my own business, that she did her work experience with me.
The commute would be easy - all the way down the stairs to the office! I agreed and worked out a project that would be structured and hopefully rewarding.

I set her the task of researching and designing a cohesive set of 5 cards with the view to having them printed and selling them - just like in the real world.

I knew what the subject would be, Erin loves animals especially wildlife and quickly came up with a plan and worked through with a range of watercolour paintings over the 2 weeks.


She experimented with scanning leaves to superimpose around the painting but it became clear that the designs worked best simply as they were. She scanned the artwork and sized and positioned them and eventually they were ready to send to print.

I love them and I'm really proud of what she has achieved - the set tie in together and I think look like they belong which I don't think is always easy to achieve.


We are offering them for sale on our website as a set of 5 for £11 which gives a small profit to Erin. I hope you like them as much as we do!

You can buy the cards here.