You're never too old for a new hobby!

I went to art college to do a foundation course and trained on-the-job in graphics, but I'd never done a lot of painting except for a couple of watercolours in my 20's.

I started to watch Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year and also the Landscape equivalent, and was inspired to give it a go myself. In December 2016 I found a local group by chance and, with much trepidation, turned up with some pencils, paints and a sketch pad. I know this sounds dramatic but what I discovered was to change my life! It was run by a very talented professional artist with a wonderfully enthusiastic and encouraging personality, with the nicest people taking part - here is where I found my favourite place!

My first few attempts...

I started with portraits, painting mostly famous people, and over the next few months found that my style was developing and improving. I then tried a few animals which turned out ok, and landscapes (not very successful!).

Slowly improving...

My mornings at the old barn, where I mix with like-minded and talented artists, has provided me with so much pleasure and excitement... being completely immersed in something that you love doing is so good for the soul! I see the world in a different way now, view scenes with a painters eye and am forever planning my next painting. I've exhibited in a couple of shows and am ready to take my work further if I can. I've also changed my view on art and now appreciate more contemporary artists. You can see my paintings (and my dog) on Instagram - @erindannymumma

I hope you like my work...!

So, you see, you are never too old to find 'your thing' and to become excited and absorbed by a new hobby or venture. So pick up some pencils or knitting needles, clay or some fabric and give it a go - you may find 'your thing'!