What are Birthstones?

The history 
The idea that the individual months of the year have a correlation to a specific gemstone and therefore a representative 'birthstone' is believed to date back to the first century. As far back as the first century, tradition was that everyone wore the birthstone that represented the current month, since the power of a gemstone was heightened during its own month. For greatest effect, individuals needed to own an entire set of twelve - perhaps you should too!

Birthstone representation today
Today there are varying interpretations of which gem represents which month but we will stick to the traditional list and their meanings and traits.

January - Garnet
A dark red stone believed to symbolise faith and love and to provide protection on travels. Said to calm nerves.

February - Amethyst
A purple stone believed to offer protection to the wearer. Said to have calming qualities promoting good mental health.

March - Aquamarine
A pale blue stone believed to symbolise affection and love, hope and health. Good for creativity and overall happiness.

April - Diamond
The most precious of the birthstones symbolising purity and innocence. Believed to be an energy amplifier and to purify the body.

May - Emerald
A deep green stone symbolising wisdom and patience. Said to be connected with fertility, love and health.

June - Pearl
Not technically a stone! Pearls are the symbol for modesty. Said to calm a restless mind, help with anger and to promote creativity.

July - Ruby
A precious red stone symbolising health, vitality and strength. Said to promote love and passion.

August - Peridot
A pretty light green stone that is believed to be the stone of compassion. It is said to promote healing powers.

September - Sapphire
A deep blue stone which symbolises loyalty, serenity and wisdom. Is believed to help with blood disorders and helps calm an overactive body.

October - Opal
A milky white stone containing flashes of colour said to symbolise faithfulness and confidence. Helps with hope and creativity, strengthens the memory and is linked to friendship.

November - Topaz
A lovely blue stone symbolising love and affection. Believed to promote strength and intelligence and offer protection to the wearer.
Topaz can also come in orange and white.

December - Turquoise
An opaque turquoise blue stone said to symbolise calm. Helps with soothing the wearer and also aids communication and problem solving.