Fastening a bracelet on your own!

This post is for all of us that struggle to fasten a bracelet when there isn't a capable/willing human around to help!

All you need is a short length of thread and it's easy-peasy.

1. First take a length of thread and 2. insert it into the link or end of the chain at the other end of the fastener and fold it in half.

3. Place the 2 ends of thread together in your palm and 4. hold in place with your fingers.

5. Wind the bracelet around your wrist holding onto the clasp with your free hand. The links that you need to fasten the clasp to will be held in place for you to simply connect to.

6. This method will also work with a toggle clasp - you simply put the thread through the toggle ring, follow the same steps as before holding on to the T-bar.