Happy 10th Birthday to us!

Indigo Silver has reached the grand old age of 10! Ten whole years of hard toil but lots of satisfaction. 

Whenever you start a business there is a lot of excitement and a bit of worry but there is a wonderful feeling when your designs start to sell and the feedback you get says that people love what you are doing. It's funny to think there are thousands of ladies wearing our jewellery all over the world.

In that time there have been lots of changes...

I first started selling silver jewellery as a party-plan format and shortly after moved to internet-only selling through our our original website. I was working part-time as a graphic artist whilst also being a mummy to 2 kids - the youngest had just started school. I think it was the fact that I was suddenly without a little chatterbox for a lot of the day that drove me to become busier! Orders were beginning to become more and more frequent and suddenly I had 2 part-time jobs.

As we became more successful I realised that, especially around busy periods like Christmas, something was going to have to give! Around this time the company I had been working with for 30 years folded and I was suddenly full-time at Indigo Silver! It was great - I could now give the business 100% and take it forward. By now the original website, which had lasted for many years, was now creaking at the seams and we realised we needed to update with a totally responsive, adaptable and versatile new website.

Along the way the brand logo has also been re-designed - my training as a graphic artist has come in very handy with that and all the mailshot newsletters we send out - if you haven't signed up already do so here to keep up to date with our latest products and offers!

One thing that hasn't changed though is our original pledge to put the customer first and we strive to have excellent customer service supporting quality products - including unique items that we design and make in-house using top quality components. We think we offer great value too which is helped by us not having a 'bricks and mortar' shop.

We've learnt that it's really important to have accurate product photography when selling on-line and we've also started producing short videos showcasing some of our products - our YouTube channel is here and we'll be adding more over the coming months.

We hope to continue selling to our loyal customers (and gain new ones!) for many years to come - so if you love your Indigo Silver Jewellery and the service we offer, why not let us know or post a review on one of the many channels we are connected with by clicking on the icons top and bottom of this page.

Hayley x