The design and making of a lampwork bracelet

I thought I'd share the process of putting together one of our lovely lampwork glass bracelets.

Firstly I choose the glass beads I want to use and put them on a white ceramic tray. I then gather components that I may use in the bracelet and play with them until I'm sure all the colours go well together - hence the white tray! These lampwork beads are gorgeous... they are individually made in a flame using a strong glass similar to pyrex - called borosilicate. You can read all about lampwork on our what is lampwork glass? page. These ones are sage green, teal and mauve with iridescent spots. I've chosen a variety of Swarovski crystals in toning colours, sterling silver beads in different shapes and sizes, pure silver coated ceramic chunky discs, a Karen Hill tribe toggle clasp and freshwater pearls.

Then the stringing begins! I use a very strong beading wire made from many strands of smaller wires coated with nylon to give a flexible but secure bracelet. This process is trial and error trying different combinations until I like what I see. I aim for an even spread of lampwork beads with a balance of crystals and other components along the length.

When I'm happy I check the length and add the clasp using silver crimps and covers which provide a strong and neat finish. I used a rustic, gently beaten silver toggle clasp and added a silver squiggle charm and crystal to a matching ring to give some movement to the piece. 


I then take the photos, upload them to our lampwork glass jewellery page and have to think of a name for the piece. This one was easy - but sometimes it's really tricky! Then a descriptive write up and wait for someone to fall in love with it!