Top of the biscuit charts and the pros and cons of working from home

Up until a year and a half ago I worked 2 days a week as a graphic artist in a large, busy studio as well as running Indigo Silver. I had been there for nearly 30 years (full-time before the children came along) so, as you can imagine, it was quite a wrench leaving to dedicate all my attention to my jewellery business.

There are so many positives to being self-employed and working from home - but there are also things I miss.

I miss:

  • The friends I made (I keep in touch with lots although don't see as much of them).
  • The fun we all had - some of which was just so crazy!
  • The in-jokes no one else understands.
  • Laughing so much you get told off - (and I thought that only happened at school!).
  • The cakes.
  • The sweets.
  • The chocolates.
  • The cakes (did I mention the cakes?).
  • Top 5 biscuit charts - everyone was polled!
  • Inane chatter about last night's TV.
  • Saying 'good morning' and getting a reply - (the radio is great but Vanessa never answers me back).
  • Saying 'have a fab weekend' on a Wednesday when my 'at work' week was done - with replies of 'See you next Tuesday' and giggles!
  • The secret garden for sunny lunchtimes.
  • Being in a team.
  • Holiday pay.

I don't miss:

  • The kids always choosing a work day if they were ill - never on one of my at home days.
  • Traffic jams on the way to take them to school making me late for work.
  • Having to explain why I'm late and apologising (surely I could make it in on time just 2 days a week?)
  • The boss calling a meeting 5 minutes before I need to leave for school pick-up.
  • Office politics - gotta love those!
  • The days dragging if the work was dull.

But nowadays... I can take a tea-break when I like and wander around the garden looking at the new growth.


Having the lovely Foxy on my lap when I work. 

I'm always around for the school holidays and able to take advantage of great weather with a fun trip out. Getting the washing out in-between work. Having only our lovely customers to answer to. The short commute into another room! A real sense of achievement when something you have built from nothing starts to flourish. Impromptu coffees out with friends because I can always catch up with work later! And, NO DRESS CODE! 

It's not all plain sailing - it can be a little solitary sometimes and there are jobs I don't relish like the yearly stock-take and pretty much anything to do with the accounts. And sometimes I can work many more hours than I would have in a full-time job because the evenings and weekends are available - and you can get lots done in the wee hours! But I love what I do and am proud of our online shop!

...and just for the record - here are my top 5 biscuits...

1. Custard creams (from the fridge)
2. Hobnobs
3. Bourbon (also from the fridge)
4. Viennese whirls
5. Pink wafers  

What are your top 5?