Creating Murano glass jewellery

We are extremely proud of our beautiful Murano glass jewellery. With around 50 different colours, our range of bracelets, pendants and earrings is quite amazing!

Our beads are are sourced from traditional makers in Murano, Italy - each bead is handmade which means no two are identical, adding to the charm and beauty of our jewellery. We then take the beads in their simple form and turn them into jewellery at our studio in Hampshire using the best sterling silver components. Each piece is carefully constructed with our expertise and flair for design.

There are many cheap alternatives available - usually arising from China and if you think you are getting a real bargain then it probably isn't genuine Murano!

Murano glass can have either 24kt gold foil or sterling silver foil at its core which gives it that vibrant, depth of beauty. We also use Murano that has a white core instead of the foils which echoes a very old Venetian technique - still beautiful but quite different altogether. Millefiore is also a popular design which uses the technique of making glass rods of flower patterns and incorporating them into the finished bead. Whatever the finish - Murano is almost magical in it's appearance and we love it!

Having researched similar products available elsewhere on-line, I'm happy to say that I feel that the finish on all of our products are far superior and at a price that is very competitive. 

If you don't see exactly what you want, chances are we can make it for you - so don't be shy - just get in touch through our contact page or Facebook page and we will help you. To find out more about Murano glass visit our page What is Murano glass?