Our new You Tube channel!

Lots of people these days - me included, love the ease of buying from the comfort of our own homes.

I think it's really important when buying online to not only feel a trust with whom you are buying from but also have a really good idea of what you will be getting. I work really hard to have accurate photographs and clear write-ups with dimensions, so that you the customer can have as much information as possible to make buying from us as safe as possible... we also have a money back guarantee if for any reason you don't like what we send you.

I thought it would be great to see the items moving and in relation to a person's hand so Indigo Silver now has a YouTube channel and over time we will upload various short videos to make buying with us even easier.

I started with a video showing off a selection of our Murano glass heart pendants - you can see them shimmering in the light and I explain simply how they are made and the differences with the different foils used in the creation of them.


The second video is a pendant and earring set - you can see how they move and get to see all aspects.


I hope you like our videos - I've used my best telephone voice and I'm hoping that over time I will improve! The hardest thing in making them was actually having a run of no phones ringing for the duration of the filming!

If you do like the idea of them, please subscribe to our channel on YouTube to get to see any new videos as we make them, and don't be shy - please give us a thumbs up and leave a comment!