Spratling bracelet

It can be worrying sometimes buying from an online shop and not everyone feels confident to do so - but there are lots of advantages! You can usually buy things cheaper as the vendor doesn't have to factor in a bricks and mortar shop - and don't get me started on shopping from the comfort of your own home! The downside though is that you cannot touch what you are considering buying until it arrives on your doormat!

To help with this we are starting to make a series of YouTube videos to show items more fully. We also offer a money back guarantee so that if for any reason you don't like your order you can return to us for a refund - see our returns policy.

Our latest short video is to showcase the beautiful Spratling bracelet - it shows the viewer how it moves, how it is constructed, fastens and generally a 360 degree view of this amazing bracelet! As it is one of our more costly items we thought it was a great idea to do this - so have a look now...


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