Build a fabulous charm bracelet!

We now sell a plain sterling silver bracelet that you can add Murano glass charms and others to and build up your own unique charm bracelet.

The bracelet is sterling silver and fastens with a cute toggle clasp.

The charms themselves are in two shapes the first being a 10mm heart in a great range of colours all with silver, yellow or white gold foils which create the wonderful shimmer that Murano is so well known for.


The other shape we offer are an 8mm round bead with the majority of them containing silver or white or yellow gold under the glass - the exceptions are the Provence and pink millefiore.

All the colours are available in our Murano jewellery range in heart pendants or earrings so that you can match if you want to, tone or go for a completely eclectic mix!

All the charms attach on to the links of the bracelet using a ring that works like a keyring. This allows you to wind the ring onto the link yourself knowing that it can't come off and without the bulkiness of a clasp.

You simply gently open the split ring with a fingernail and feed it onto the chosen link working it round until it is fully on... easy!

So why not make a start?! What a great gift for someone too... and then you can help build it into a beautiful, colourful bracelet.