How many silver chains do you need?!

Our Murano glass jewellery seems to grow and grow in popularity with both young and the not so young. Coming from traditional suppliers in the Venetian island of Murano, the combination of coloured glass with gold and silver foils create a magical sheen that is unmistakable. We buy the raw beads and transform them by using sterling silver into wearable jewellery...
We know how much our customers love our Murano glass hearts and know that many of you buy lots of different colours... why wouldn't you want one to go with every outfit?!

We also know that not everyone needs another chain when buying alternative colours because we get lots of requests to buy just the heart.
So now you can buy with a 16" or 18" chain OR with no chain at all! They are easily slipped on and off our chains or could be worn with one of our faux suede, micro-fibre thongs.