Lampwork Glass Cluster Pendants - our design process

When it comes to jewellery, those of us who like the quirky and unusual also like it when the item we are wearing is a one-off. Our Lampwork glass cluster pendants are unique due to the handmade nature of the beads and the combinations of the many charms, crystals and pearls we add to them. We use beautiful, individually made glass beads with fabulous colours and patterns.

I start by choosing a focal bead and I put it on a white background and add different shades of Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls to see what goes together best. Then choose silver charms and a ring to hang the components from.

Each of the components is attached to the central ring with sterling silver and the focal bead is added by chain and adjusted to get the length just right. The pendants measure from 43mm to 54mm - all measurements are included in the product details.

I use silver chain for some beads and a micro-fibre thong for others, again judging what suits the style best - but if a customer prefers to have something different I can accommodate them. We also sell different coloured thongs on our website so others could be bought for a completely different look. The cluster pendants are lovely to wear, jangling and moving beautifully. They are made in our Hampshire studio with care and with an eye for design.