The Great British Sewing Bee And Me!

I've been a fan of the Great British Bake Off since it started and was so pleased that the Great British Sewing Bee was successful enough to come back as a regular too. I have to say I love the format, the jolly, friendly contestants and watching their triumphs as well as their disasters!

I have dabbled with the sewing machine before, making curtains and the odd alteration to something that is too long - but never got to grips with dressmaking. I liked the idea of finding the perfect simple pattern so I could run off the same, safe design in a variety of fabrics and even add an embellishment or 3!

I follow Lauren Guthrie on Twitter and Facebook, (you may remember her as runner-up on the very first Sewing Bee) and she runs a fabric shop in Birmingham, also online:
I saw a photo that Lauren had posted of a simple sleeveless top she had made and really liked the fabric, (and it looked so good on her too - who could resist?) ... It was one she sold in the shop - so I took the plunge and ordered a metre in a different colour way as I love greens.


I wanted to make a top - the same as an existing one I had, which was a good fit, so I made a pattern by tracing round both front and back and marking on where the dart would be. Instead of risking ruining the lovely fabric I did a trial run on an old sheet just to make sure that it actually would work - and it did!!...kind was a bit big and the armhole was a bit gapey but nothing that couldn't be fixed.


So now I was ready with the posh fabric! Deep breath - and pin and CUT!

Once cut, I carefully stitched the bust darts and joined the shoulders. I pinned and sewed the sides and tried it on.... All good! Then I turned and top stitched round the neck and armholes and turned up the hem, top stitching again. One final press and snipping of the stray cottons and I'd made a little top!

(Now I don't like my photo taken and my legs look like they are a bit embarrassed!) - but......

I know it's not perfect... I think Patrick and May would find some faults - but I don't care - I can wear it and I had fun making it. Now I need to find some more fabric and go again!

Finished off with a Murano glass pendant in Kingfisher here and Lime earrings here.

Thanks to my son Danny for the photoshoot in the garden.